Certified Personal Trainer
Ron Gratz

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Ron taught me to have correct form, challenged me enough physically to give me confidence, and always was available as a resource. He answered SO many questions that I had. I learned to trust him, and he never let me down. Ron inspired me to try new things – I’m going to do a sprint triathlon in June!

Shana Madison, WI arrow_forward

Ron has provided an excellent program for me to follow with instruction in proper form and progression with adjustments as necessary depending on my ability. He has effectively challenged and motivated me to improve and build my confidence.

Jayne Madison, WI arrow_forward

There's no doubt I would refer Ron as a Personal Trainer. Ron is professional yet a fun loving guy and great friend. Ron's very sincere and caring and I can't thank him enough for all he taught me and how his training is a great reflection on my overall health and well-being.

Sandi Madison, WI arrow_forward

It’s official!!! I’m an IRON GIRL!!! When I think about my accomplishments I feel alive, happy and proud. I feel excitement when I share my experience with friends and some of them have been inspired to get more active. I continue to train with Ron as I feel stronger and want to continue to push myself with new goals.

Wanda Madison, WI arrow_forward